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Top 5 milks with the highest protein

It is extremely important to provide our bodies with protein and for many of us, one of our main sources of protein is through the consumption of milk. This makes it a priority to ensure that the milk we consume is the best source of it that we can find.

What milk’s have the highest protein?

  • Dairy Milk

  • Soy Milk

  • Camel Milk

  • Pea Milk

  • Oat Milk

Why is protein important in our diet?

The consumption of protein is essential as our bodies require it to not only function at a healthy capacity but they also need it to build, produce and repair.

Factors of why it is vital to provide our bodies with protein:

  • Repairs damaged tissue

  • Builds new tissue

  • Aids in the creation of body chemicals such as hormones

  • Used to make enzymes

  • Important in the formation of bones, muscles, cartilage, skin and blood

Comparison of different milk’s protein levels:

  • Dairy Milk –contains 8g of protein

  • Pea Milk – contains 8g of protein

  • Soy Milk – contains 7g of protein

  • Camel Milk – contains 6.5g of protein

  • Oat Milk – contains 4g of protein

Does higher protein mean it’s better milk?

Higher levels of protein does not always mean that the milk is better for you, this is a common misconception. For example, Dairy milk has a high levels of protein, but a majority of that is A1 casein protein, this kind of protein does not always respond well when the body tries to process it. A1 casein protein often causes diverse digestive issues in individuals. In contrast, camel milk contains a slightly lower amount of protein overall but it contains A2 casein protein. This kind of protein is easier to digest with less unpleasant symptoms.

Why is Camel Milk protein the best protein?

The protein size and structure of camel milk is significantly smaller and almost identical to human milks protein structure. Its digestibility is identical to human milk, this allows it to keep both a high level of protein whilst also being more gentle and easier on the tummy than other milk sources.


What milk contains Beta Lacto-globulin (B-Lg)?

Beta Lacto-globulin is one of the main whey proteins found in traditional milks. It is also one of the main allergens present in a majority of milks. However, Beta Lacto-globulin (B-Lg) is naturally not present in camel’s milk. The only milks shown not to contain this are Camel milk and Human milk. This means that camel milk is not only naturally high in protein but also naturally free of a distinct allergen, allowing the milk to remain protein dense yet stomach friendly.

Our Camel Milk Co Australia camel milk is lower in fat than regular milks yet is still able to provide you with a high level of protein. For a leaner, more stomach friendly source of protein, think Camel!


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